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Pressure Injury


  • Global pressure injury incidence in acute hospitals is thought to be around 6.3 %.(1)
  • Up to 95 % of pressure injuries are thought to be avoidable.(2)
  • Nationally, the U.S. spends about $26.8 billion a year treating pressure injuries.(3)


Optimal Immersion

Peak pressures reduce as the patient becomes more immersed and enveloped into the mattress.

At some point the patient will reach an optimal point where peak pressures are minimized.

Sophisticated surface settings

Optimal Immersion Clinical Guide

Optimize Mode

Opticare X uses patented sensor technology known as the Pressure Optimization System, in order to maintain optimal immersion. In Optimize mode the system regularly checks and adjusts the mattress to ensure the air level within the mattress remains optimal.

Prone mode

Prone mode uses a higher level of air than other therapeutic modes to provide a balance between pressure redistribution and stability for patients being nursed in a prone positions (prone positioning support recommended).

Max Mode

MAX inflate fills the mattress with air to create a very stable base for sliding transfers, turning patients and certain medical procedures. Automatic stop of this mode after 30 mins, if the time is not extended.

Mobile Mode

Mobile Mode allows the mattress to be ‚stepped down‘ to a lower level of immersion to aid Comfort and independent movement for more mobile patients.

Microclimate management (MCM)

Opticare X helps to prevent the build up of heat that can naturally result from paying on a mattress. This is achieved through the use of adjustable airflow underneath the mattress. This helps to remove a build up of moisture away from the patient by creating the conditions for moisture to escape through the cover fabric.

MCM provided by Opticare X can be optimised by using it in conjunction with the Elite Cover or Endurance in USA.

Solution features

Mobilization brochure

Automatic Foot Extension

The heel section of the mattress can be automatically adjusted when the bed frame is extended.

Heel Zone

The heel section has a 7-degree slope and is lined with a softer foam that gives the patient above-standard comfort.

Zoned cover

Latest Dartex® Zoned Coating by Trelleborg technology provides different fabric functionality in the sides versus the centre of the cover.

(1) Al Mutariri, K.B., Hendrie, D. Global Incidence of Pressure Ulcers in Public Hospitals. A Systematic Review. Wound Medicine, 2018, 22, p23-31.
(2) Hibbs, P. (1988). The economic benefits of a prevention plan for pressure sores. Conference presentation. The Fourth National Pressure Sore Symposium. The Guildhall, Bath
(3) Morse, S. (2019). More on Acute Care: Pressure ulcers cost the health system $26.8 billion a year. Healthcare Finance. Oct 10, 2019.

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