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Early Mobilization


  • Risky to move the patient due to their serious condition
  • Longer stay of immobile patient
  • Complications associated with long hospital stay
  • Increased costs for the hospital

Complications associated with long hospital stay

ICU costs & length of stay

$3,184 - $10,794

ICU Daily Average Cost (1)

12 days

Average Length of Stay at ICU (2)



Gradual lateral tilt by 1° at time to gently and precisely position the patient

Interventions for turning and repositioning hemodynamically unstable patients include:

- mini-turns
- weight shifts every 30 minutes
- elevation of heels
- use of „gravitational equilibrium“

Early Mobilization Program

Mobilization brochure

Level 1: Moving Immobile Patient


Moving immobile patient
Hemodynamic instability


Automatic Lateral Therapy

Level 2: Muscle strengthening excercises


Patient‘s trunk and core weakness Hemodynamic and orthostatic training


One-button functions

  • Vascular leg position
  • Full chair position
  • Reverese Trendelenburg

Level 3: Improving patient autonomy and confidence


Patient autonomy
Assessing muscle strength and hemodynamic stability


Mobilization button
Mobi-Lift handle
Siderails concept

Level 4: Helping patient stand up


2-3% loss of muscle mass in first 10 days (4)


Mobi-Lift handle
Siderails concept
Lateral tilt

Typical ICU Costs & Length of Stay

Length of hospital stay
[days] (2)

Ventilator Associated
Pneumonia (VPA) [days] (2)

Hospital associated
infections (HAI) (2)

Results of using a mobility program

28 %

Early mobilization in the ICU could minimize loss of functional abilities and possible shorten hospital stay by 28 % (2)

50 %

Early mobilization program can reduce the incidence of delirium by up to 50 % (3)

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